Cushing’s Care


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Cushing’s disease also known as hyperadrenocorticism or pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction is an over secretion or adrenal hormones, commonly glucocorticoids. It occurs in as many as 30% of horses over 20 years old. Typical signs are increased appetite /  weight gain, failure to shed out in the Spring, and increased thirst / urination. Natural therapies seek to support the adrenal gland rather than ‘cure’ the disease.

PURE Chaste tree berries contain steroidal precursors which the body uses to correct hormonal imbalances.  Cushing’s Care helps to rebalance hormones; reduce crusty neck, reduce fuzzy coat and and weight gain.

A useful aid in combating this IR & Cushing’s disease. Feed 1 (enclosed) scoop about 40 g daily .

You may feed with SIMMERdown for the first month for faster results.



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