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Jack Rabbit Starts!

When your game requires lightning starts, passionate finishes, and a gruelling mile in between, JACK RABBIT START is your journeyman to the finish line. When fractions of a second separate the victorious from the rest, your horse needs a supplement that delays fatigue, protects against exercise-induced oxidative damage and helps him/her get the most out of his feed.

JACK RABBIT START is a powerful combination of antioxidant ingredients that puts the jumper cables to your racing times. Containing extraordinary super-foods such as DMG (DiMethyl Glycine), Creatine, B-complex vitamins, Branched-Chain Amino Acids and nucleosides, JACK RABBIT START will reduce lactate accumulation from exercise exertion, delaying fatigue and reducing muscle soreness.

There is strong scientific evidence that ingredients in JACK RABBIT START will improve digestibility of your horses’ diet, and optimize feed utilization, as well as optimize mental acuity. It also contains ingredients that are involved in development of red blood cells – those cells responsible for transporting oxygen to exercising muscles.

Let those fractions of a second work in your favour by making JACK RABBIT START part of your everyday training program!

Contact us for a detailed list of ingredients. 

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