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Ulcer Therapy Plus - Miles Ahead of the Curve

Designed for horses with ulcers, Ulcer Therapy Plus (UTP) calms and heals the stomach while maintaining and supporting gastric health. UTP is clinically proven to heal gastric ulcers caused by stress, intensive training, or poor feeding and management practices such as too much grain and too little turn-out.

Proven effective, with no fillers, UTP is safe to double-dose for five days if required. It’s economical too, and an excellent alternative to Omeprazole or Ranitidine.

In 2005, 30 actively racing Thoroughbred horses at Woodbine and Fort Erie racetracks diagnosed with gastric ulcers received UTP or a placebo for 30 days. Comparisons of gastrointestinal endoscopy before and after treatment showed a significant decline in ulcer score in UTP-treated horses, with gastroscopy scores below that considered to be “clinical.”

Another related study in the Department of Animal Biosciences at the University of Guelph, using an organ culture model of gastritis, found that treatment of smooth muscle from pigs with UTP significantly reduced contractility of the muscle strips indicating that UTP has a spasmolytic effect, which could explain some of the benefits seen in horses with ulcers. This paper was published in the Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition in 2020.

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