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Winter Cold, Additional Feed and Oils

The bitter cold weather across Canada reminds us that horses need additional feed if they are to avoid weight loss but not just any feed!  Heat generation from fibre digestion is twice that of grain.

Owners should increase fibre (hay, beet, pulp, soy hulls, cotton hulls) and a serving of up to 300 ml of a good quality Omega 3 oil (fish or flax).

Avoid cheaper oils that are usually based on SOY, CANOLA, SUNFLOWER as these are RICH in omega 6 which is PRO-inflammation for joints, gastric system and skin.  Oils with omega 9 show no benefit to horses, so don't get caught by advertising scams.

Herbs for Horses offers three, omega 3 oils and our All In One product which is a pelleted fibre with added vitamins including Natural E much superior to artificial E.

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