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Canine Diet Balancer - for Dogs

Canine Diet Balancer - for Dogs

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Natural Vitamins & Minerals For Dogs On Diets


K9 (Canine) RAW DIET BALANCER         

Our K9 diet balancer is a combination of biologically available natural plant compounds vitamins & minerals to balance the feeding of raw meat to our canine family. Plant extracts supply micronutrients that not only compliment but also potentiate natural enzymes to facilitate proper digestion.

 We use high potency omega 3 fish oil rich in DHA/EPA essential for brain, anti-inflammatory, gastric, cardiovascular and immune development. Marine collagen (sourced from Atlantic fish), a source of 22 supplemental amino acids necessary for muscle, tissue and bone growth and repair is also included.

Carnitine is added for the efficient breakdown of fats in order to generate energy to power the muscles, it also provides a protective effect against oxidative stress in heart muscle.

 A full complement of B vitamins (8) along with vitamins E, A and D3. Gingerols  and curcumin are included as mediators of inflammation in arthritis due to aging or excessive activity.

Natural rosemary antioxidant is used as a biological stabiliser of tissues. ( the artificial antioxidants BHA/BHT have been implicated in cancer in laboratory studies). Our live yeast and digestive enzyme blend ensures early digestion rather than lower bowel fermentation and gas production.

Yucca  a natural anti-inflammatory against hip dysplasia, arthritis and skin irritation rounds out this useful and balanced supplement.

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