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Equestrian Industry Links

Industry Resources

  • Horse Community Journals
  • Equestrian Professsional Equestrian is a private members only resource and support system for professional equestrians who want to build more profitable businesses and achieve highly successful equestrian careers.
  • Horse Council BC Horse Council BC is one of the most successful multi-breed, multi-discipline provincial equine organizations in Canada.
  • Horse Health Find expert information on equine health care – from horse nutrition to horse grooming.
  • Horse Health Lines Since 1977, the Equine Health Research Fund (EHRF) has had a tremendous influence on the quality of horse health care that’s available in Western Canada and around the world.
  • Horse Nutrition and Feeding
  • Horse Nutrition and Feeding Management Feeding Tips for Healthy Horses
  • Horse Nutrition Information Horses need different levels of feed and nutrition in their diet depending on age, current weight, activity level and overall health.
  • Horse Professional Horse Professional is part of Vet Professionals Ltd – an organisation dedicated to providing specialist veterinary care and advice to owners, animal professionals and veterinary surgeons.
  • Horse Talk A place to share and learn about your horse.
  • Natraceutical Alliance Founded in 1997, the vision of the Nutraceutical Alliance is to be the global leader in the objective assessment of nutraceuticals for use in livestock and pets.
  • Sandridge Saddlery Sandridge Saddlery, located in St-Lazare, Quebec, Canada, has been supplying equestrians of all ages and abilities with a comprehensive selection of English Saddles, Equipment, Supplies and Apparel since 1986.

LinkedIn Groups

  • Dressage Horses Professionals (DHP) Group for trainers, traiders, owners and riders interesting in educating young potential dressage horses to trained Grand Prix dressage horses.
  • Equestrian Enthusiast This group is for all professionals who have a passion for horses and the equestrian world.
  • Equestrian Professionals Equestrian provides business education and career support to horse professionals.
  • Equine Enthusiasts Group is designed for those who participate in equine sports to network with others who have similar interests.
  • Equine Health, Nutrition and Production Professionals A discussion forum & links within academic, government and industrial groups providing better networking access to specific individuals with knowledge of : best practice, cutting edge approaches or novel product innovations
  • Equine Research and Medical Technology This group is open to those who are engaged in reasearch and bio-medical product development related to horses. This is an opportunity to share information, find like-minded professionals, learn about events, conferences and trade shows that promote equin
  • Horse Business Network This group is for anyone who wants to showcase their horse-related business or service and establish beneficial connections in the horse world.
  • Horse lovers of the Business world A group for all us business folk who outside the world of hi-tech and commerce like to unwind and get back to nature with horses.
  • Horse Racing This is a group for professional horsemen as well as horse racing enthusiasts to network. We have a diverse group of horsemen already which includes owners, trainers…
  • The Equestrian Industry A common forum for everyone involved in the equestrian industry; e.g. manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and publishers, horsetrainers, etc.
  • This Business of Horses This Business of Horses is a networking group for anyone who works with, or wants to work with, horses or in the horse business. All equine enthusiasts are welcome!