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Cushing's & Weight Care - for Dogs (Canine)

Cushing's & Weight Care - for Dogs (Canine)

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Nowadays, dogs are forced to consume more starches and sugars than nature designed. This can cause problems with weight management, skin issues and hormone imbalances later in life. Weight stresses joints and can add to damage being done by arthritis. Cushing’s & Weight Care helps to balance hormones, reduce obesity and insulin resistance.


Herring Meal, Fenugreek, Antioxidant Blend, Cinnamon, Herring Oil, Green Tea Extract, Digestive Enzymes.


For every 25 lbs. / 11 kg feed 1/2 level teaspoon. If using dry feed you may moisten the feed with a little Omega 3 Oil, also available from Canine Herbals.

Available in 250 g jars

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