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A new season dawns



Well, the new season is almost upon us…the time of year we scrub out our trailers and prepare for countless travel ops with our horses!

I’m sure we're all aware of the stress of loading and trailering horses. How many of us give serious thought to the stress that “Nellie” the wonder-horse goes through, especially on the long hauls? 

Sadly, fatigue due to restricted movement can lead-to sluggish blood circulation, reduced gastric motility and colic induced by dehydration. At the venue our Nellie may not be safely ‘out of the woods’ yet as different grazing and water taste can inhibit consumption which can lead to that dreaded ‘c’ word again. At large shows horses may truck in from out of province or even foreign shores presenting possible exposure to immunity challenges from viruses, bacteria or passing fungi!

What's a horse, or owner, to do?   


Well, you may consider feeding a daily support and metabolic booster containing Pre- and Post-biotics that work in synergy to up-regulate your horse's immune system. They help identify and attack invading armies and contain a curated basket of NK, KT, Helper T and B immune cells, all compliments of Mother Nature and your friends at Herbs for Horses.

And remember… “Fortune favours the prepared mind" –Louis Pasteur



-make sure your horse is fully vaccinated

-add a daily cup of apple cider vinegar to your horse's water bucket as it will help mask unusual tasting water at distant venues

-teach your horse to accept new flavours and aromas thereby encourage feed intake during and/or following stress


Make this your winning season season!!

Slainte Mhath! (Good health!)

 See for Designer Supplements formulated to maintain & improve the health of your horse

Watch for our upcoming latest research on ProbioPLUS currently in-press for Canadian Veterinarians!