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We are so pleased you have invited us to participate in the long term health and nutrition of your beloved pet.  We have worked hard to produce a line of products which will elevate your pets’ overall health – not just for now, but for life!

Our herbal, nutraceutical and nutritional products are carefully developed using scientific evidence from the literature. Our goal is to provide you with top quality, efficacious and safe products which will keep you coming back to us year after year throughout the entire life of your pet.

Canine Herbals is a division of Selected Bioproducts (Herbs for Horses). Our company is fully Canadian owned, and products are developed and manufactured right here in Canada. Our products are produced under ISO 22000 Food Safety certification which protects product safety and quality for your peace of mind in this age of scandal & greed.

Have questions about pet health or nutrition? Contact our staff to find out how Canine Herbals can help.

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