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Canine (K9) Herring Oil (Omega 3)

Canine (K9) Herring Oil (Omega 3)

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"Rich omega 3 source"

 There are a lot of sellers out there on the road flogging oil, most of it is twice the cost of ours.  Consider this: all pet feeds are overly rich in Omega-6 (Omega-6 initiates inflammation) because there is a veritable lake of soy oil in North America, which can be found in pasta, bread, cookies, cakes, burgers, sausages, pizza, pet and horse feed; etc. etc.  

Few products contain much Omega-3 which DOWN-REGULATES inflammation; even Omega-3 eggs are a scam since you would have to eat a dozen a day to have any beneficial effect.

Herring Oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA 13% / EPA 10%) and helps reduce inflammation by inflammatory prostaglandins.  Such inflammation leads to joint swelling, gastric irritation with flatulence, skin problems and obesity. HERRING OIL  per 5 ml: EPA 250 mg  DHA 125 mg

Feeding Instructions

Feed 1 ml daily per 25 lbs / 11.36 kg.

Ingredients (Liquid)

100% Pure Herring Oil

Ingredients (Powder)

Important Notes

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