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Ralph Robinson - Owner

Ralph Robinson, Owner, Selected Bioproducts Inc. Natural Herbal Supplements for Horses and DogsRalph Robinson’s background is in nutrition, animal health, and research. During his university years, his best subject was biological chemistry. For his thesis at the Lincolnshire College of Agriculture he worked with herbs and spices to improve the carcass taste and improve health and growth. Herbs and spices, he says, are antibacterial; therefore no drugs are required.

Robinson is dedicated to improving the health of horses rather, he says, than making money.

“We’ve always put more value and quality into every product,” he says. “But I can ID for you products with 93 percent filler! It’s the world we live in now where greed rules.”

Sourcing top quality, human-grade herbs sends Robinson far afield. In fact, all the herbs that go into their products are imported from Europe.

“I may not know your horse but I appreciate it as I do my own."


Dr. Wendy Pearson, Ph.D.

Dr. Wendy Pearson - Selected Bioproducts Inc. Natural Herbal Supplements for Horses and DogsDr. Pearson is a doctor of veterinary toxicology and has worked with Selected Bioproducts Inc. for over 20 years. She is the president of Nutraceutical Alliance, a 50-acre facility based in Campbellville, Ontario, whose scientists provide a variety of expert services for the equine pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and nutrition industries, including scientific research and product development in addition to staff training and client education.

“Herbs are the ancestors to modern-day drugs,” says Dr. Wendy Pearson, “They are a vast reservoir for bioactive material and have the potential to play an important role in an integrative equine health and wellness program.”

On an ongoing basis, Dr. Pearson offers advice on new products as needed, prepare scientific review documents for medicinal plants of interest, and continues to provide oversight on the food safety program that is audited and renewed every spring.