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2016 Best Purebred Arabian Endurance Horse: Ever Gold - FEI Endurance Horse owned by Wendy MacCoubrey and bred by Lynda Townsend Owner:   FEI World Ranking: 4
2016 Best Purebred Arabian Endurance Horse: Ever Gold
Owner: Wendy MacCoubrey
Breeder: Lynda Townsend
FEI World Ranking: 4th


I have been using HoofMaster since July 2013 for hoof health for all of my horses. Originally I was looking for a product to improve the quality of hoof growth on my 5 year old Clydesdale mare. She was on 6-8 week hoof trimming cycle and of a healthy weight, and she still suffered from hoof splits/cracks and breaking. Since supplementing HoofMaster (actually in combination with Biotin 220) her hooves have grown in straighter and stronger from the coronet band with far less breakage in the hoof wall. At 8 months use, I am really pleased with the improvement in her feet, and look forward to seeing those last few imperfections grow out leaving behind lovely healthy hooves!

I own a Clydesdale mare who has terribly cracked and broken hooves. Even with regular hoof trimming and maintaining a healthy weight, her feet were not in good shape. It was recommended to me by a Shire herd owner that I supplement Biotin to my mare. I started with Biotin 220 in July 2013, in combination with HoofMaster, and have seen great results in her hoof structure. I would recommend Biotin 220 to anyone that needs to strengthen and improve their horses hoof walls and my mare loves the taste... When I ask if she wants her 'dessert', she comes running!!!

I have a gelding who has congestion and sometimes coughing issues. He tends to get a runny nose around dusty gravel roads and dusty hay. I have used Breathe NG for him on especially dusty days and you can hear an immediate improvement in his breathing. I think it is an excellent product that seems comparable to the "Advil Cold and Sinus" that I need on those stuffed up days. I have been pleased with the results... and my horse loves the taste!


Vitamin Mix

I wanted to let you know that we had a great ride at Tevis; Smoke finished 26th. At age 18 and as a first time Tevis horse, I felt incredibly proud of his performance.

He has done really well on his vitamin mix you set up for him. I guess the only thing I’d ask is given his age is there anything else you would recommend. He has over 3400 competitive miles and has been doing endurance for 10 years. Energy booster maybe? (-: He’s only pulled once and that was just a bad horseshoe nail. I did do a round of Adequan as well and would likely do that again at the beginning of the season.


I am so happy with your product! I wish I could send you pictures here. Just from July to now there is a HUGE difference! My OTTB has hooves that look like hooves now. He used to have horrid feet! Constant abscesses and cracks and funny growth. Now he has healthy looking feet. I can not get out everyday to see him so he gets 2 scoops every second day..and I do not plan on changing that as he is looking great! Thanks for such a great product!! If you want pictures let me know. The bad pictures are just from July and the good ones were taken yesterday!


Mobility, Serenity Garlic, Vitamin C

My beautiful seven year old, Hanoverian, "For West", was injured in his paddock when his front shoe was clipped off by his hind right and ended up imbedded in his hind leg.† The quick action of our local vet Dr. Shawn Tucker and the capable O.V.C. staff of surgeon, with Dr. Natalie Cote, saved my boy!

The anti-inflammatory herbs in Mobility and the calming herbs of Serenity are part†of his rehab program.† I also feed your garlic and vitamin c to expedite the healing process.† I also have to add that your vitamin C to the tune of 8-10 grams a day helped keep his manure soft and guarded against colic.† The surgeon was concerned that his manure was too hard and I suggested the C mix and she agreed.† The next day he was passing soft manure.

Once again Ralph I have to thank you for the superior quality of your herbs.† They are life saving without a doubt.†† I also think Serenity settles them which helps guard against colic, tying up and further injury as stall rest and small jaunts of walking are enforced for the next month.

Wishing you further success!!


 Oh please keep developing products, they're amazing!! 

I've just put another colleague onto them who was also given a diagnosis of surgery for her pup. In my opinion, much like human medicine, we are too quick to medicate and take invasive approaches. We tell everyone who will listen (okay, and some who don't!) about these amazing products.

Oonagh is a Celtic name. Her CKC registered name is Oonagh of Emerald Isle.

Many, many thanks again


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Approximately two years ago, our chocolate lab Oonagh began to show signs of mobility loss in her back right hip at the very young age of two and a half years old.


We were concerned (she had her hips certified) and continued to monitor her. Over the course of about 6 months, her mobility declined rapidly and our once energetic pup who loved going swimming and for long trail walks, could barely move. She no longer had the will play and run and simple tasks such as sitting and getting up from a lying down position caused her pain. She would frequently hop around on three legs with her rear leg pulled up under her. Her energy and spark were all but gone.


We reached out to our vet and decided to run some tests. Evaluating her was difficult at first as the amount of pain in her hip caused her to not let anyone touch or manipulate it for diagnosis. After a battery of x-rays, we were given the unfortunate diagnosis of advanced hip dysplasia and significant muscle loss due to immobility. At our vet’s recommendation, we put her on a daily course of anti-inflammatory medication and were advised to consider surgery.


While the $8,000 was nothing to scoff at, we really didn’t want to go through such a invasive process at such a young age and yet she really had no quality of life without it. We decided to pursue the anti-inflammatory medication to see if this would give her some relief and stabilize her condition. We figured if we could get her mobile, perhaps we could at least restore some of the muscle loss. We were warned at the beginning that the medication was not intended for long term use and that doing so could eventually ! cause her organs to fail. We decided that we would try to reduce her level of pain and then see how low we could get her dosage for maintenance. Things were looking up, Oonagh appeared to get some relief from the medication. We gradually reduced the dosage and the limping came back. I started researching to see what our alternatives were. I was convinced there had to be something less invasive.


I started chatting with the owner of our local pet supply store and she told me about her experience with a natural pain-relief product called Naspirin that she had great success with. We really had nothing to lose. We started supplementing the daily dose of anti-inflammatory meds with Naspirin. Oonagh started to regain her mobility! We also started to research what other products existed in the same line and stumbled across HYALcare which was then added into her daily cocktail. And this is really the beginning of the end!


Within 6 months we had successfully taken her off all of the anti-inflammatory meds. Within a year, she was also off of the Naspirin. This past fall, we switched to a new vet who did a complete check-up on her. His evaluation was that she was in perfect health. I asked what he thought about her hip to which he replied “why, do you have any concerns?”. I explained the diagnosis and the supplements we had her on. In his opinion, we had completely reversed the dysplasia. He wanted to know what this stuff was!


We continue to give Oonagh a daily dose of HYALcare. She has regained full mobility, is pain-free and runs and plays like a puppy again. It’s hard to keep her out of the water! We were out hiking with our dogs this weekend and I couldn’t help but watch in awe as Oonagh bounded through the deep snow. Simply AMAZING!!! If ever there was a poster pup for this amazing line of supplements, Oonagh is it. We are incredibly grateful for this product and continue to promote and recommend it to anyone who will listen!


Thanks, Ralph, for making products that help our Arabian horses go the distance! We rely on Herb's for Horses UTP, Herring Oil and BCAA during competition season.

Photo credits: Wendy Webb

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