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HYALCARE PLUS - Miles Ahead of the Curve

Hyalcare Plus provides superior care and management of osteoarthritic cartilage in equine athletes. With recent changes from FEI on the eligibility of MSM for use in competition (now reinstated) this product has been updated and is available with both methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and collagen (sourced from Atlantic fish) in a single format. Available in a 500 g and 1 kg size.

Liquid versions containing turmeric — Soluflex and the stronger Soluflex HA – are also available.

The main benefits of Hyalcare Plus include:

    Industry’s highest levels of hyaluronic acid at 500 mg per 15 g.
    Arthritic/arthritis repair and prevention.
    Outstanding for competition horses.
    Now available with both MSM and collagen for FEI competition.
    No fillers.
    All natural and with the exclusive antioxidant formula.
    Alternative to Corta-Flx.

Note: Colour can vary due to natural colour variation according to season (similar to fresh hay vs hay stored over the winter). This colour variation is normal.


Proven Effective

This very interesting study showed that Hyalcare has a remarkable ability to prevent cartilage breakdown during an inflammatory event, providing strong evidence for its importance in slowing the progression of arthritis. This study was published in the Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics in 2008. As part of this work, the arthritis model was used to screen potential bioactive ingredients, and curcumin was identified as a strong anti-inflammatory and promoter of “autophagy” (a process by which damaged cells are “cleaned up” by the body). This study was published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2020, and was used to further develop the anti-inflammatory activity of Hyalcare.


This summer I contacted you regarding my 28-year-old Arabian mare who was having serious mobility problems. She was already on Previcox and sometimes, Bute. It would take her approx. five minutes to make her way out of her stall in the morning and I was thinking that it may be time to put her down. You recommended Hyalcare Plus (two scoops/day) and Mobility Plus (one scoop/day). It took about a month to see results. Recently, I had left the horses in later than usual due to a storm. When let out, I had the pleasure of watching her trot, and then canter, bucking as she went. Your products have brought comfort and extra time to an aging companion. Thank you! — M. Wilson


Unbelievable quality compared to what else is out there. Love that they are continually doing research on it. Easy to feed, I’d recommend this to anyone with a sport or arthritic horse. — Kristina


I’ve had my horse on this for quite some time. She is diagnosed with stringhalt in her one rear leg, this leg is also prone to many other disabilities due to the stress of the stringhalt. The chronic swelling on a consistent basis has decreased (something I thought I would never see), and blood flow to the lower portion of the leg has also increased allowing for proper drainage of the lymphatic system. Due to the nature of stringhalt and her white socks she is prone to cellulitis and mud fever, along with nicking the leg on anything she is close to, as she can’t control the drop of her leg. She has old scars that haven’t healed for years — NOW they are starting to grow new hair on them and actually clean up. I am amazed at what these products can do on a regular basis for my animals’ well-being... I went from almost having to put her down last winter to NOT having one vet bill this fall, and it has been super wet and muddy! That right there is a godsend and hands down proof that this stuff works when used properly! I wish I could post before and after pics.  You’d be amazed! — Holli

Herbs for Horses - Born from a vision of better supplements for your horse.
For 23 years, this family-run business has conscientiously invested in independent, objective scientific testing for its equine supplements to ensure their efficacy.

In the equine nutraceuticals space, Herbs for Horses has been ahead of the curve for as long as there’s been a curve. Since 1997 this innovative, integrity-centred, family-run business has sought out and developed healthful, scientifically-validated solutions for the modern horse. And while the marketing machine of equine supplements has brought waves of new companies into — and often abruptly out of — the field of view, Herbs for Horses has quietly and decisively set the bar for standards in this industry.

Ralph Robinson, owner of Herbs for Horses, explains, “What makes Herbs for Horses unique is that, since our inception, we have stayed fully committed to our vision: to blend our ancestral resource of medical plants with contemporary objective scientific testing. While other companies claim that their products are ‘backed by science,’ there are very few that actually conduct independent research studies on their products and even fewer that publish the results!”

Company advisor Dr. Wendy Pearson, Ph.D., adds, “Even fewer companies in the field of equine supplements can confidently say they have invested an average of $50,000 per year into research into the safety and efficacy of their own products over the past 20-plus years. When you purchase Herbs for Horses products, you are buying products that have been developed from years of objective research.”