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SHELF -TALKERS products that all serious horse people need to be aware of

SHELF -TALKERS   products that all serious horse people need to be aware of


LUNGcare: Clinically proven in a trial with Canadian Thoroughbreds at Payson Park Florida with Sovereign meister Roger Attfield to alleviate ‘Bleeding’ caused by Exercise–Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhaging (EIPH).  A vlid alternative to soon to be banned Lasix (tm).



BREATHE:  Clinically proven at the Equine Research Centre to reduce the effort required to fill the lungs with life giving oxygen. Proven alternative to steroidal drugs. (Registered LRVHP).



PULMONaire: Also known as Spirulina this is a rich source of amino acids, antioxidants, & a potent immune stimulant Particularly useful in reducing auto-immune lung irritation (Registered LRVHP)


PROBIOplus: Improves digestion by encouraging beneficial bacterial cultures.  Enzymes improve starch and fibre breakdown. (Registered LRVHP)


LIVERcleanse.  Silymarin is a powerful antioxidant that regenerates damaged liver cells thus improving detoxification. Essential for racing or high level competition horses as a regular ‘cleanser’. (LRVHP Reg’d)


UTP (Ulcer Therapy Plus). Clinically proven to heal gastric ulcers caused by stress, intensive training or poor feeding practices. A calm GI tract means a better behaved horse! Also available as a powder (LRVHP Reg’d)


CHROMassist: chromium assists in the regulation of blood-sugar. Decreases the amount of calories that that are sent to fat storage. 5000 mcg per scoop (LRVHP Reg’d).


HOOFmaster:  a rich source of essential nutrients for keratin (hoof) building! Biotin, Zinc, Methionine, Lysine in the correct amounts. Promotes rapid hoof growth. Your farrier won’t believe it! (LRVHP Reg’d)


HERRING OIL and LAND & SEA : fish oils & flax/fish rich in DHA / EPA to produce anti-inflammatory compounds active in skin, joints, gastro intestinal tract and brain. DHA 10.5 g /100g; EPA 14 g / 100g.

(CFIA Reg’d  # 820723)