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HGH (Hind Gut Health) - 3.5 kg powder [~35 days]

"To treat acidosis, diarrhea weight loss and/or poor behaviour"

For horses with symptoms of acidosis, diarrhea, weight loss and/or poor behaviour.  Acidosis may be caused by feeding practices and/or lack of turnout. Grain consumption in horses is not natural behaviour as they lack the enzymes for proper digestion. In this case grain is fermented in the hind gut (cecal pouches) by the trillions of bacteria and Protozoa that reside there. The by-product of this digestion are volatile fatty acids that are partially responsible for acidosis. HGH - Hind Gut Health  along with management changes can protect and buffer acidosis. It is safe for long term use.


INGREDIENTS (Alphabetical Order):

Protected Sodium Bicarbonate

DAILY FEED RATE (per 500 kg / 1100 lbs of body weight):

Feed 1-2 scoops (50 - 100 g) daily with meals as maintenance.
Enclosed scoop is approximately 50 g.



3.5 kg powder - $1.47 (lasting ~35 days). (FREE 500g)

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