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Lungcare XL

Lungcare XL

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"An alternative to lasix"? Plant based polyphenols proven to reduce bleeding!

Need less bleeding? Try lungcare!

Lungcare was developed to support a healthy respiratory system in your horse by reducing EIPH. It contains a blend of bioflavonoids and antioxidants that are clinically proven to reduce capillary fragility and improve immunity to infection.  Consider it as your front-line defence in the management of "bleeders" and stable cough.

Article: A Lasix Alternative: Our Payson Park (Florida) study with Hall of Fame trainer Roger Atfield proved that 'bleeders' could be managed in racing thoroughbreds on Lungcare and without Lasix use!

PDF Technical Report: "An Investigation into the Efficacy of a Polyherbal Composite (Lungcare) in Preventing Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIP) in Racing Thoroughbreds" - Wendy Pearson PhD


1 L liquid - $0.88 (lasting 20~40 days)
1 kg powder - $1.93 (lasting ~33 days)

Feeding Instructions

Per 500kg/1100lb of body weight: Liquid Format - Feed 25-50 ml daily. Powder Format - Feed 30 g daily.

Ingredients (Liquid)

Alfalfa, Aniseed, Antioxidant Blend, Bilberry, Garlic, Rutin, Water

Ingredients (Powder)

Alfalfa, Aniseed, Antioxidant Blend, Bilberry, Garlic, Rutin

Important Notes

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Variations in product appearance may occur due to seasonal conditions; regional differences; ingredient substitutions and differences in product assembly.

Variations do not affect efficacy. 

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