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Mego (Muscle Enhancing Gamma Oryzanol) - 1 L liquid [~100 days]

Mego (Muscle Enhancing Gamma Oryzanol) - 1 L liquid [~100 days]

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"Muscle enhancing gamma oryzanol, bodybuilding"

M.E.G.O. (muscle-enhancing gamma oryzanol) is a powerful appetite modulator, normalizing stomach acid production and promoting appetite and feed intake. It contains gamma oryzanol, a plant steroid found in rice bran. It causes nitrogen retention, which is then used to build muscle. It is an effective and legal alternative to injectable anabolic steroids. M.E.G.O. is complemented by vitamin B6 and branch-chain amino acids.

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1 L liquid - $0.60 (lasting ~100 days)

Feeding Instructions

Per 500kg/1100lb of body weight: Shake well and feed 10-15 ml daily.

Ingredients (Liquid)

Flax Oil, Gamma Oryzanol, Vanilla Flavour

Ingredients (Powder)

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