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"Rapid energy boost for race horses"

QuickEN was specifically designed to prepare your horse for the next big race or competition.  It can be considered a pre-race supplement. 

QuickEN is rapidly assimilated energy from Carbohydrate, Palm Fat (from sustainable sources), and Omega 3 Oils to help your racing horses win more races.  Research demonstrates that horses with a FFA (free fatty acids) surplus in the blood have stronger last-furlong finishes, since FFA can be utilized to power muscles when the glycogen reserves are exhausted.

Try it you will like it!


  • Powers Muscles
  • Improves energy metabolism
  • No fillers.

INGREDIENTS (Alphabetical Order):

Anise, Ginseng, Maltodextrin, Omega-3 Oil, Palm Oil (from sustainable sources), Turmeric

DAILY FEED RATE (per 500 kg / 1100 lbs of body weight):

Feed 2 scoops for daily for weight gain.
Feed 1 scoop daily for maintenance.  
Enclosed scoop is approximately 70 g


4 kg powder - $1.33 (lasting ~57 days)
12 kg powder - $1.26 (lasting ~171 days)

last updated: 2019-12-23
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