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UTP (Ulcer Therapy Plus)

UTP (Ulcer Therapy Plus)

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"A clinically proven liquid form of ulcer mix"

Clinically proven to assist the body in repairing damage from stress, intensive training, or poor feeding/management practices (too much grain / too little turn-out).  An excellent choice as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Easily administered and palatable. Research was conducted on our behalf by internal medicine specialist Dr. Alison Moore at 3 Ontario Racetracks. Safe to double dose for 5 days if required.

Veterinarian-approved Alternative Medicine. Also available in a dry-cut leaf (mash) format with our Ulcer Mix product.

Pumps for liquid products are available here!

Caution: Not for use with other medication simultaneously (may delay absorption).


  • 4 L liquid - $4.00 (lasting ~40 days)
  • 1L liquid (10 days supply)

Feeding Instructions

Per 500kg/1100lb of body weight: 50 ml twice daily.

Ingredients (Liquid)

Chamomile, Fenugreek, Licorice, Marshmallow, Meadowsweet, Slippery Elm.

Ingredients (Powder)

Important Notes

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Variations in product appearance may occur due to seasonal conditions; regional differences; ingredient substitutions and differences in product assembly.

Variations do not affect efficacy. 

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